BC woman calls for province-wide ban on backcountry fires

May 27 2019, 3:56 pm

A BC woman is calling for an outright ban on backcountry fires and she’s quickly gaining support.

Two weeks ago, Bridge Lake resident Cambria Volonte started a petition, urging for the government to put an outright ban on backcountry fires.

“It’s our right to protect our homes, families, livelihoods, forests, and environments around us,” she explains on the petition. “The normal process of fire restrictions leave our communities at risk.”

She also notes that although it’s early in the season, British Columbia has already seen human-made fires “causing evacuations, devastating the land, and polluting our air.”

“We all know campfires are a wonderful way to connect and share outdoor time with our family and friends,” says Volonte. “However, unsupervised campfires in our backcountry can easily spread due to dry conditions and limited resources.

The petition, which can be found on Change.org, has gained over 2,000 signatures and is just shy of reaching its 2,500 signature goal.

“Let’s be proactive and decrease the amount of human-caused fires this summer,” she says.

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