People are collecting Pedro Pascal photocards and it's amazing

Mar 19 2023, 5:59 pm

Photocards are a staple in the K-pop fandom with fans collecting cards of their favourite idols or “biases.” And it looks like a lot of people “bias” Pedro Pascal because they’ve started collecting photocards of The Last of Us actor.

The trend, which appears to have originated from TikTok, shows videos of people making their very own photocards of the actor, with others showing off a growing collection.

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Jacky, a college student based in California, decided to create a TikTok video of her making a photocard of Pedro Pascal using a photocard of BTS member J-Hope as a guide. The video has become so popular it now has 1.5 million views that fans asked her to start selling the photocards.

Jacky told Daily Hive that the popularity caught her by surprise.

“I honestly made the video as a joke and didn’t expect it to get as many views as it did,” she said. “I even chose a funny audio that sounds like Drake is singing a Twice song to evoke more laughs.”

Watch the video below:

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She said she got the idea to make the photocard after seeing all the fan-made merchandise of the actor online.

Initially, she had no plans to sell the merch because she didn’t think the quality up to par but she said that “the demand was there.”

“Most of the reactions were laughing at how funny the video was and referring to Pedro as their new ‘bias’ and other K-pop terms,” said Jacky.

Now, she sells them on her Depop site made to order for US$8 and each order also includes one mystery photocard.

“I also do believe a lot of people just love Pedro Pascal and want some merch of him,” said Jacky.

Pascal, who stars in the HBO show, with co-star Bella Ramsey has been spotted around Alberta while filming The Last of Us.


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