There's a new passport pickup location in Metro Vancouver

Jul 28 2022, 3:27 pm

If you needed to renew your passport in the last few months, there’s a good chance that your experience was not a pleasant one. From demoralizing delays to missed vacations, people have been camping outside passport offices across the country in preparation for the worst.

Now, in order to ease the process of obtaining the travel document, the Government of Canada announced this week that five new passport pickup locations would open across the country.

Among the five is the Richmond Service Canada Centre. This means you will soon be able to use the office at 5611 Cooney Road to request in-person passport pickups.

“This expansion will allow many Canadians who need to pick up passports in person to do so closer to their homes, rather than travel to another office in their area,” said Cabinet Minister Karina Gould in a statement, adding that, “opening these new pick-up locations will also help reduce line-ups at other offices in bigger cities.”

A government press release said Service Canada employees are “working hard” to provide passports to Canadians as quickly as possible. “At the same time, staff are doing everything they can to give Canadians a better service experience as they go through the passport process.”

“As we work to reduce the backlog and bring service standards back to normal, we will take every measure we can to make the experience better for Canadians, and make our services more accessible,” said Gould.

During the week of July 11 to 17, Service Canada issued 48,481 passports, with the average call centre wait time increasing from 46 to 56 minutes.

Since April of this year, Service Canada has issued a total of 605,440 passports.

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