Parks Canada is currently looking for volunteer "poop fairies"

Nov 6 2019, 9:33 am

If you’re passionate about the great outdoors, natural science, and you’re interested in learning about wild wolves and their relationship with humans, Parks Canada may have the perfect opportunity for you.

Parks Canada is looking for volunteers to be “poop fairies,” or more commonly known as scat collectors, over the next 12 months to help Canadian parks understand the diet, ancestry, and kinship of the local wolf population.

The opportunity is currently only available on Canada’s west coast, at Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, which comprises three separate regions: Long Beach, the Broken Group Islands, and the West Coast Trail.

As for the job requirements, the selected poop fairies will be responsible for searching for and picking up as much wolf scat as possible, as part of Parks Canada’s project dubbed “wild about wolves.”

All of the required training and equipment will be provided, of course.

According to the federal government, the ‘wild about wolves’ project is a five-year research initiative by Parks Canada that further aims to “improve coexistence between people and wolves by raising visitor awareness of the species and the importance of sharing space.”

So, if you’re interested in applying to be one of Park Canada’s poop fairies, you can contact Todd Windle by phone at 250-726-7165 ext. 227 or by email at [email protected].