Man films drivers ending up in this Vancouver bike lane over and over again (VIDEO)

Mar 22 2023, 7:50 pm

For months, a local has witnessed from their unit near English Bay Beach what can be described as a “pedal pandemonium” after several confused drivers have landed in the bike lane.

The Vancouverite tells Daily Hive the area near Beach Avenue and Burnaby Street “is really confusing to drivers,” who turn into the wrong lane daily.

“The lane starts near the Cactus Club and it’s very confusing and misleading, especially if you’re not from Metro Vancouver. There’s really no signs saying ‘bikes only’ or ‘do not approach this way,'” he says.

Over the past few months, the local has recorded several videos of drivers in the wrong lane from their unit.

“I honestly think they need to put up metallic ballasts that only bikes can fit through,” he suggests. “If the cars saw the physical barrier, they wouldn’t enter.”

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However, Vancouver Police says that there isn’t an indication that the area near English Bay Beach is more problematic than other locations.

“From time to time, people get confused and make wrong turns in various parts of the city,” a statement from police reads.

“We continue to remind all road users – whether they’re on a bike, in a car, on foot, or on some other mode of transportation – to give themselves lots of time and to be respectful of other people who are trying to safely move around the city.”

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The local, who goes by stinger.with.cams on TikTok, also points out that cyclists in the area have also been “reckless” near the Beach Avenue and Bidwell Street intersection.

“They don’t stop for red lights, especially when pedestrians have a walk sign. I’ve almost been hit by a cyclist two times,” he explains.

“I have also witnessed cyclists almost plow through other pedestrians and pets.”

Stinger.with.cams suggest speed bumps before and after the intersection lights would “force a slow down.”

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