Man blocks Vancouver realtor’s car, allegedly pours coffee over it in racist parkade tantrum

May 3 2023, 6:01 pm

Editor’s note: This story has been updated since initial publication to include a statement from the building’s property management company and to remove the realtor’s name over safety concerns. 

A Vancouver realtor says she was the target of a disturbing parkade altercation Tuesday where a man allegedly poured coffee on her car, trapped her in a spot, and hurled racist insults at her.

The realtor, whose name Daily Hive is withholding due to safety concerns, said she was at One Burrard Place (at 1289 Hornby Street) to show a unit Tuesday afternoon.

But when she returned, she found a man pouring coffee all over her car. She asked him what he was doing, to which the man allegedly replied she was parked in his spot and claimed he’d called a towing company.

The realtor told Daily Hive she’d confirmed with the building’s concierge that it was OK to park there, and said she’d parked there many times during recent showings. However, Rancho Property Management Services told Daily Hive Thursday that the stall was numbered and assigned to the man seen in the realtor’s video.

The realtor said she tried to get in her car and leave, but the man allegedly tried blocking her with his body. She was finally able to get in, but the man blocked her in the spot with his own vehicle. A video she took in the parkade shows a white Range Rover blocking her way out.

The man allegedly wouldn’t move for more than 10 minutes, causing a traffic jam as other vehicles tried to get out of the parkade.

The realtor also said the man hurled insults at her, allegedly saying, “You Asian women don’t know how to drive or where to park.”

The honking in the parkade apparently got the attention of a building employee, who came to see what was going on. The realtor said the concierge checked on her to see if she was OK before going to talk to the man.

She couldn’t hear what was said, but eventually, the concierge convinced the man to move along to clear path to the parking garage.

“I’ve never heard anything from anybody about not being able to park there. So the fact that the first thing was something so extreme .. to literally prevent someone from going,” she said. “And this didn’t even affect just me, it affected cars behind and in front of him.”

Rancho however, said the building manager told her multiple times that the stall was numbered and belonged to someone.

The realtor spoke to Daily Hive from a downtown car wash Tuesday, where she was grateful to have her car clean again. She’s speaking out to warn others and encourage them to speak up if they ever find themselves in a similar situation.

The building is a luxury property, and she wonders if the man, who said he lived there, thinks he can “get away with these things.”

She tried making a report to the Vancouver Police Department Tuesday but gave up after being on hold for more than an hour.


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