Where to get the most outrageous ice cream creations in Vancouver

May 3 2018, 1:54 am

Summer is just around the corner and with the warm weather you can almost taste it. Luckily for Vancouverites this means you can try out all the outrageous ice cream creations this city has to offer without getting cold.

If you like sundaes, ice cream tacos, s’mores bars, or a blend of ice cream creations you’re in luck!

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Check out the most outrageous ice cream creations in Vancouver.

Earnest Ice Cream

Earnest is a staple when it comes to local ice cream shops in Vancouver, their four locations always have a line out the door in the summer. Not many people know about Earnest’s ice cream sundaes. These beauties are made of a scoop of their ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream, chocolate shavings, walnuts, and topped with a maraschino cherry. You can get this made vegan, and Earnest has weekly special sundaes you can try out too.

Address: 1829 Quebec Street, Vancouver
Phone: 778-379-0697

Address: 3992 Fraser Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-428-0697

Address: 1485 Frances Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-428-2933

Address: 127 West 1st Street, North Vancouver
Phone: 604-770-4136

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Cacao 70

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Cacao 70 offers a delicious selection of food, including waffles, sundaes, treat pizzas and fondues. The best part of this chocolate-centric eatery is their truly massive waffle and ice cream treat.  The illegal chocolate waffle is served on a large plate with a classic waffle, topped with melted chocolate, milk chocolate shavings, caramelized bananas, with crunchy chocolate cereal bits, more melted chocolate, and a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream topped with a cone.  Granville Street will be home to a new location this summer.

Address: 1047 Denman Street, Vancouver
Phone: 778-379-8568

Address: 143 Chadwick Court, North Vancouver
Phone: 604-770-3755

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Mister is a liquid nitrogen ice cream joint that makes ice cream sandwiches, brûlée ice cream, and regular ice cream. Mister really shines with the crazy s’mores ice cream bar. This outrageous treat looks like something out of a summer camp dream! It’s made of dark chocolate ice cream sandwiched between graham cracker crust, dipped in chocolate and covered in crumbled crackers, then covered in their made in house marshmallow fluff and torched to a perfect golden brown. No burned marshmallows here.

Address: 1141 Mainland Street, Vancouver
Phone: 778-379-2833

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Rain or Shine

Rain or Shine’s ice cream tacos are an unbelievable ice cream treat. Is there really anything better than ice cream and tacos? These delicious dessert tacos are made out of a waffle cone, your choice of ice cream flavour (or flavours, you get two scoops), a whopping of whipped cream and an extra topping of your choice. You can add extra toppings for a small fee. What makes these ice cream tacos even better? All the ice cream is made on site.

Address: 3382 Cambie Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-786-9986

Address: 1926 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver
Phone: 604-428-7246

Address: 6001 University Boulevard, UBC
Phone: 604-620-2004

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On Yogurt

On Yogurt is a frozen yogurt joint – the somewhat healthier cousin to ice cream. This place offers two outrageous desserts, the bubble waffle, and rolled fried ice yogurt. The bubble waffle is comprised of a bubble waffle, filled with fried ice of your choice, topped with whipped cream and then they add toppings of your choice like shaved chocolate or sprinkles. The fried ice yogurt is made by flash freezing the froyo — leaving it crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside, then rolling it into sections and topping this creation with some yummy choices.

Address: 95 Smithe Street, Vancouver
Phone: 778-788-8691

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Off the Grid Waffles

If you want two delicious desserts in one then head to Off the Grid Waffles. This place serves up waffle shakes that come in flavours like strawberry, strawberry-Nutella, chocolate and matcha. You can also treat yourself to waffle cups that are made up of a waffle, scoops of ice cream, a mound of whipped cream, and some decadent toppings.

Address: 2665 Kingsway, Vancouver
Phone: 604-339-5125

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Osteria Savio Volpe

Osteria Savio Volpe is known for their excellent hand-made pastas and smoke-kissed meats done over a wood fired grilled. However, the tiramisu sundae is unbelievable and a hidden gem of this place. This massive sundae is made with Beta 5 gelato, marsala wine, topped with hazelnuts, and sprinkled with some cocoa powder to top it all off. You’ll definitely want to share this creation with your friends.

Address: 615 Kingsway, Vancouver
Phone: 604-428-0072

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Flip Side Desserts

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Flip Side offers a crazy all purple dessert trio! This Filipino dessert place serves traditional desserts in flavours like Halo Halo, Taro, and Quezo. The dessert trios are an outrageous size and come in your choice of flavour, consisting of their monster shaved ice cream slush milkshake, slices of cake, and a scoop of ice cream. You’ll definitely have fun trying their dessert here.

Address: 5538 Joyce Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-559-7433

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Passion8 Dessert Cafe has a variety of treats and sweets for you to indulge in. But their snow mountains are one the biggest desserts around Vancouver. The tiramisu snow mountain consists of 100% milk shaved ice, a massive piece of home-baked tiramisu, topped with chocolate curls, and sprinkled with cocoa powder. You can try these snow mountains in a variety of flavours and add goodies like mini pieces of cheesecake for only $1.50

Address: 310 Cambie Street, Vancouver
Phone: 778-397-8238

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17°C Bubble Tea & Dessert

This place serves up a lot of interesting desserts like bubble waffles, shaved ice, and hot dessert choices. If you’re looking for an insane dessert though look no further than 17°C Bubble Tea & Dessert’s ice pots. The signature matcha red bean ice pot consists of matcha, red bean and green tea ice cream, smothered in a mound of shaved ice that’s sprinkled with matcha and topped with a whopping scoop of red bean paste.

Address: 2229 Kingsway, Vancouver
Phone: 604-620-9633


La Glace

La Glace is a quaint shop in Kitsilano, serving up a rotating menu of ice cream flavours. The sundaes at this little shop are huge. La Glace’s sundaes are all custom made, they come with several scoops of ice cream, and can choose toppings like house-made meringues, macrons and marshmallows. You can also add seasonal fruit and toppings like sprinkles, chocolate shavings and waffle cones.

Address: 2785 West 16th Avenue, Vancouver
Phone: 604-428-0793

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Bubble Tea Shop

The Bubble Tea Shop serves more than just renditions of bubble tea. With two locations in the Lower Mainland to choose from you’ll want to try the over-the-top parfaits. These parfaits come in more than five flavours like matcha, mango, s’more and tiramisu. The mango parfait is made of a bed of cereal, vanilla soft serve, mango chunks, a bubble waffle, whipped cream, more mango bits, and drizzled in mango syrup.

Address: 1680 Robson Street,  Vancouver
Phone: 604-559-8208

Address: 105-4651 Number 3 Road,  Richmond
Phone: 604-285-8833

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Welcome Parlour

The Welcome Parlour is located in the heritage building, “The Hudson Block” in North Vancouver and serves up natural ice cream. They have all kinds of ice cream including some that are dairy free, but Welcome Parlour really shines when it comes to their hot fudge brownie sundae. This sundae is packed with vanilla ice cream, hand-made hot fudge, walnuts, whipped cream, and topped with a lot of gooey brownie chunks from Caduex Bakery.

Address: 277 East 8th Street, North Vancouver
Phone: 604-408-7481

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720 Sweets & Etc.

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720 Sweets & Etc. has four outposts in the Lower Mainland. They have an awesome menu with drinks, ice cream sandwiches, sundaes, and their most well-known treat the ice cream filled waffle shaped like a fish. This treat is exactly like it sounds, a waffle designed to look like a fish, filled with one of their soft serve ice creams, and drizzled with a topping of your choice.

Address: 3278 West Broadway, Vancouver

Address: 2675 Kingsway, Vancouver

Address: 147-4800 Kingsway, Burnaby

Address: 1121-8328 Capstan Way, Richmond

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Glenburn Soda Fountain & Confectionery

Located in Burnaby Heights, this joint is a throwback to fountain shops of the 1940’s. They have an extensive sundae menu that focuses on classic favourites, only some have a twist. For serious chocolate lovers the blackout sundae comes with layers of chocolate ice cream, hot fudge, chocolate chips, and topped with chocolate whipped cream, sprinkles and a chocolate cookie wafer. Glenburn Soda does weekly sundae special that’s even more over the top than their regular sundaes.

Address: 4090 Hastings Street, Burnaby
Phone: 604-565-0155

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Milk Cow

Milk Cow is located in Richmond and serves organic milk soft serve ice cream. This place has an insane Santorini sundae you’re definitely going to want to try. The Santorini sundae is made of their organic soft serve, oreo crumbles, tropical blue syrup, pistachio crumbles, and topped with a whopping of cotton candy. This treat looks straight out of a dessert, and now Milk Cow serves variations of this sundae named the Snow Drop, Mont Blanc, and Mango Tree, all complete with some cotton candy.

Address: 105-5668 Hollybridge Way, Richmond
Phone: 604-238-7561

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