Here's how some residents in Ottawa stood up to the "Freedom Convoy"

Feb 2 2022, 6:22 pm

Some Ottawa residents have taken a stand against the convoy of truckers protesting the government’s vaccine mandate.

A photo that’s been circulating online shows two people blocking a large dump truck’s path down their street.

Ottawa resident Marika Morris shared the photo on Facebook, detailing what she and her neighbours have been dealing with since the convoy descended on the city last weekend.

“That is me and my neighbours blocking the path of a convoy truck that slowly ambled its way down our street, honking, blocking all traffic, while a line of cars behind it also honked,” Morris wrote on Facebook.

She says the trucks have been circling around residential streets in downtown Ottawa for the past three days. Morris is the woman giving a thumbs down to the dump truck in the photo, saying she did it every time the truck honked.

“Some of the trucks coming down our street sound like a locomotive and it is very disruptive,” Morris added. “We wanted to show them that we do not support what they are doing.”

Morris posted an update on Facebook today, saying that “conditions are better” and that most of the truckers have left the city.

The photo was initially shared on Reddit and then on Twitter where people applauded their stand. Others took the photo as an opportunity to point out what the City should be doing instead of its residents.

On Tuesday, Ottawa police arrested two men associated with the “Freedom Convoy.”

They say the number of demonstrators has decreased to 50 people on Parliament Hill and another 200 gathered nearby.

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