Opinion: What's with the hate on Valentine's Day?

Feb 6 2017, 11:34 pm

Valentine’s Day has arrived and I find myself pondering the same question The Black Eyed Peas asked in 2003… “Where Is The Love”? 

Where is the affection for St. Valentine, the Patron Saint of Love?

Where is the love for the little cherub in the diaper with the bow and arrow?

Where is the love for Valentine’s Day?

Everywhere I turn people are ranting about how Valentine’s Day is too expensive, too commercialized and too much work. And to those people I ask why don’t you take a lesson from T.Swift and write your own “Love Story”?

If you think Valentine’s Day is too expensive, then find a way to celebrate the day without buying an $8 greeting card, a dozen red roses and a piece of jewellery you’re going to spend the next six credit card bills paying off.

Stop trying to impress the person you love with your wallet. Try being creative: write a love note, go for a romantic walk, make a candlelit dinner. Prove that you’re “Crazy in Love”, just like Beyoncé and JayZ (just without the champagne, chauffeured cars and mansions). 

For those of you on the ‘Valentine’s-Day-is-too-commercialized-I-don’t-need-a-day-to-express-my-love’ bandwagon, jump off. I’m sure there are a few good men and women out there who don’t need to be reminded to tell their partner how amazing they are. And I’m sure there are some incredibly thoughtful people who bring flowers home for their man or woman just because, and write love notes whenever they feel the inspiration.

But for the majority of us, a little reminder is a good thing. It’s like when your dentist’s office calls to tell you it’s time to come in for a cleaning. Sure, you could take full responsibility for making your own appointment, but it’s nice to know someone has your back. Think of Valentine’s Day as a reminder to express your affections, the same way that friendly dental office phone call reminds you to floss. 

And if you are too tired, too exhausted, too stressed out to deal with Valentine’s Day, get a grip.

It’s a day – ONE DAY! – to celebrate love. If you can’t make a little time for that, you need to work on your priorities. In the wise words of The Righteous Brothers, “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin'” and you need to take the time to find it again. 

Valentine’s Day is what you make it.

Stop ranting about the money, the commercialization, and the stress of it all; and start focusing on what the day is supposed to be about: love. Tell the people in your life you love them, take those few extra minutes to make someone feel special, do something for someone that will make them smile. Make love the centre of everything today and you’ll be amazed at how much you’ll like Valentine’s Day. 

As Huey Lewis always says: “That’s the Power of Love”.

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