Ottawa Public Health offers tips for having "the sex" during pandemic

Oct 9 2020, 11:26 am

For those staying indoors this weekend and looking to strip down with that special someone, Ottawa Public Health has offered tips for having “the sex” safely during the pandemic.

In a tweet this morning, OPH got straight to the point stating that “some of you might want to engage in the sex this weekend” and offered a number of safe sex tips, including sticking to sexual partner(s) you live with, considering virtual sex, washing your hands before/ after sex, using a condom, and avoiding kissing and sex altogether if you’re sick.

Ontario reported 939 new COVID-19 cases on Friday, with 126 being in Ottawa. The city is also subject to a new wave of restrictions — including the closure of indoor dining, cinemas, and gym — announced this morning.

The tweet was met with a wave of comments from those who appreciated OPH’s advice, and others who did not.

Whoever runs OPH’s Twitter account didn’t miss a beat when it came to replying with some smart and sassy comebacks.

For those who were confused as to why OPH referred to sex as “the sex,” the health authority made it clear it was no typo.

“So, we write our sexual health posts the way we do because sex is still a very stigmatized subject. Research shows that using humour helps make the subject more approachable,” OPH tweeted.

“If anything, the replies to our tweet show us we still have a ways to go in addressing stigma towards sex.”

If you’re planning to engage in “the sex” this weekend or anytime during the pandemic, be sure to read up on the various sexual health tips offered from Canadian health authorities — which range from glory holes to the use of masks.

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