14 more coronavirus deaths reported in Ontario as cases surge over 3000

Apr 3 2020, 7:48 am

The Province of Ontario confirms there are 462 new known cases of COVID-19, bringing the province’s total up to 3,255, as of Friday morning.

A total of 67 people have died from coronavirus, with 14 newly reported deaths since the last update on Thursday.

The province says that 1,023 patients have recovered and 1,245 are currently under investigation.

There have been 32 outbreaks reported in long-term care homes, a noticeable increase from the 26 reported on Thursday.

The Greater Toronto Area public health units account for 53% of the cases.

Province of Ontario

Of the total cases, 48.5% are male and 50.9% are female, with 32.1% being 60 years of age and older.

In addition, 21.7% had travelled in the 14 days prior to becoming ill, 11.7% had close contact with a confirmed case, 16.8% had neither, and 49.7% have exposure information pending.

And, 11.7% of cases were hospitalized and 67 deaths have been reported — there may be a reporting delay for deaths.

According to the province, a new breakdown of information, introduced this week, provides more data on confirmed cases, demographics, and trends of cases since the outbreak began including geography, exposure, and severity.

The daily summary is based on data reported by the 34 public health units across Ontario and recorded in the province’s integrated Public Health Information System (iPHIS).

iPHIS is the Ministry of Health’s disease reporting system where data is regularly updated, where data for each day’s summary will be pulled from at 4 pm the previous day.

The latest figures were released ahead of Ontario’s planned coronavirus data projections press conference, where Ontario Premier Doug Ford said his government will share all available information on the expected trend of the virus.

The data released will show “where Ontario was, where it is, and where it could be.”

As the cases continue to rise, Ontario extended the state of emergency for another two weeks, including further measures to ensure physical distancing in public areas by closing all recreational facilities and not allowing groups of more than five people to be together publicly.

Canada currently has 11,283 total cases and has reported 138 deaths nationally as of April 2.