Fly-through animation of Vancouver's new Northeast False Creek design (VIDEO)

Feb 1 2018, 3:15 am

A fly-through animation shows the design and scale of the proposed Northeast False Creek district on the edge of downtown Vancouver.

The seven-minute-long animation was created by CIVITAS Urban Design & Planning for Concord Pacific’s portion of the new district being planned.

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While it also shows the new parks and the adjacent Plaza of Nations redevelopment, which are part of the overall district master plan, the animation provides specific detail on the new towers, streets, public realm, and seawall extension on Concord Pacific’s lands.

When complete, there will be 12,000 new residents in the area and ample retail, restaurant, and office spaces that will create between 6,000 and 8,000 new jobs.

The project’s new road network, public spaces, and community amenities are expected to cost City of Vancouver taxpayers $1.7 billion, including $360 million for the demolition of the Dunsmuir and Georgia viaducts. City staff are aiming to recover a majority of the cost from developers.

The Northeast False Creek Plan is expected to be approved by Vancouver City Council in a vote on February 13. This follows today’s standing committee meeting, which attracted approximately 100 speakers.

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