Popular no name brand potato chips ranked from worst to best

Mar 1 2022, 4:56 pm

The potato chip saga continues.

The feud between Frito-Lay and Loblaws Supermarket over a pricing dispute in Canada persists, which has meant a shortage of popular brands like Doritos, Ruffles, and Miss Vickie’s.

That led several Canadian stores to jam their shelves with no-name brand potato chips.

It’s created a unique situation where people craving potato chips are only left with no-name brands as options, and it got us thinking — what are the best flavours of no-name brand chips?

These are some of the most popular flavours of no-name brand chips ranked.

With divisive flavours like ketchup and salt and vinegar, this list is definitely going to offend a few people.

8. Salt and Vinegar

This is a love-it-or-hate-it chip, and the people who love it will not like seeing it last on the list. The only good version of this flavour that hurts your mouth when you eat it is when it’s a high-quality, kettle-cooked chip. Even die-hard salt and vinegar fans might agree that these are a tough swallow when it comes to no-name.

7. Dill Pickle

Again, like salt and vinegar, these pickled-flavoured chips are just not great when it comes to no-name. They aren’t too bad, but they definitely beat out salt and vinegar because they hurt your mouth much less. They still hurt, though.


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6. Ketchup

Like salt and vinegar and dill pickle flavours, these are very divisive. Ketchup is probably your least favourite or top choice, no middle ground. This might mean it should be closer to the middle of the list, but we believe it belongs right here. Ketchup is Canadian and doesn’t hurt your mouth at all either, which we do like.

5. Ranch

Honestly, if you’re buying ranch-flavoured chips instead of just grabbing plain chips with ranch-flavoured chip dip, we can’t help you.

4. Sour Cream and Onion

A classic flavour, but one that many find a little boring. Sour cream and onion isn’t really a combo ever used in real life, so it’s strange that it works as a chip. Far from a go-to, sour cream and onion is often the least touched bowl at the party.

3. Plain

potato chips


You might think that plain would be a no-brainer last place, but it’s the simplicity that makes these so special. Salty and delicious on their own, it just can’t be ignored that these are by far the best chips to use with dip. Ruffled or plain, these are a little boring but can be a great choice if you’re doing it right.

2. Barbecue

The barbecue might be the only flavour of no-name brand chips that really is better than all the other competition. The big-name brands can try, but the tangy, slightly sweet, slightly spicy no-name barbecue potato chips surprise us every time with their bold flavour.

1. All-Dressed

Look, it’s all the flavours combined. How could we not pick it! Okay, we really don’t know what’s in the recipe for all-dressed, but we do know it tastes amazing. It’s tough to find these just outside Canada, so for all the love Ketchup gets for being the country’s favourite chip, all-dressed is a much more deserving flavour.

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