Chip shortage forces Canadian stores to jam shelves with no name options

Feb 24 2022, 9:15 pm

It looks like a few retailers have found a not-so-subtle way of hiding the fact there is a chip shortage in Canada right now.

Following the recent pricing feud between Frito-Lay and Loblaws Supermarket, some of our favourite chips have been missing from the shelves.

Some stores appear to be keeping snack shelves full by stocking them to the brim with no name brand chips.

Frito-Lay makes some of the most notable chip brands, likeĀ Doritos, Ruffles, Miss Vickieā€™s, and Lays.

To see none of them in stores, but instead, row after row of generic chip bags is pretty surreal. It’s a funny sight until your cravings kick in.

Superstore chip shortage

Courtesy of Kenneth Chan/Daily Hive

The Superstore on Grandview Highway in Vancouver has packed shelves of yellow bags in the place where all of the diverse chip varieties would normally be found.

The chip aisles at several Shoppers Drug Marts in Vancouver look slightly more depleted.

There are not as many no name brands on the shelf here, but just empty space, reminding us of the salty snacks we have been taking for granted.

“Due to supplier issues this item is not available,” read a sign at a Vancouver Shoppers Drug Mart on February 24.

Shoppers chip shortage

Courtesy of Kenneth Chan/Daily Hive

At a Vancouver T&T Supermarket, the sad state of affairs for chip lovers continues.

Snack aisles stand hollowed out, free of chips, with price tags taunting us with the flavours that are no longer available.

Frito-Lay also makes Tostitos, Cheetos, Rold Gold pretzels, and SmartFood popcorn.

TT chip shortage-2

Courtesy of Kenneth Chan/Daily Hive

This whole thing started when Frito-Lay put its foot down over a pricing dispute. Itā€™s owned by Pepsi-Co, who recently increased the costs of its items to help offset pressure on Canadian operations and keep their products high-quality.

Suppliers have to propose cost increases for approval before shops distribute their goods.

Loblaws rejected Frito-Laysā€™ proposal.

So for now, snacks options are definitely limited until a deal can be negotiated and figured out. Stay tuned for updates on this Canadian chips ordeal.

At least there was no chip shortage for the Super Bowl!

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