No-contract discount internet service rolling out in Lower Mainland

Feb 10 2022, 9:35 pm

A new internet service is rolling out to the Lower Mainland with the promise of lower rates and no contracts: Hey Babbl.

Considered a third-party ISP, Babbl exists thanks to the CRTC mandating that telephone and cable companies sell access to their networks.

Canada pays among the highest rates for internet globally. While it’s possible to get month-to-month service from certain providers, perks are often offered for people who sign up on contracts.

Richmond-based Babbl Communications is offering competitive plans, while also offering special rates with early release, all without having to sign up for a contract.

How Babbl stacks up to the competition


Hey Babbl

The base plan offered by Babbl is $49 per month, or $35 per month with the early release discount, with the addition of a $35 one-time activation and delivery fee. The base plan offers users speeds of 75 mbps. Babble is priced much cheaper than the competition for comparable speeds, without having to sign a contract.

Telus does offer a month-to-month option, but that choice leads to a higher monthly rate. Shaw only offers two-year service options.

The Shaw connection

Daily Hive spoke with Jason Speers, the President of Babbl Communications.

Speers isn’t a stranger to the industry. He spent nearly 20 years with Shaw and there is still a connection between the two.

Speers has nothing but good things to say about his experience with Shaw.

“Working for Shaw was amazing, it’s a great company, and I am a bit sad that it is in talks to be purchased by Rogers. Working there significantly reduced any learning curve required to get into this business and being there for so long helped me build a network of contacts. Basically, I was in school for nearly twenty years before starting up this venture.”

How it works

Babbl offers a cable internet service. While fibre can offer faster theoretical speeds, cable is still considered to be a highly reliable connection.

“The biggest challenge was securing IP addresses. The world ran out of them a few years back, becoming a hot and expensive commodity,” said Speers.

“We have a relationship with Shaw where we buy access to their infrastructure at a wholesale rate. This means that data travels from home over their network to ours, at which point we take over and direct traffic to the end destination. ”

When it comes to how it works for the customer, it’s extremely simple. You sign up for a plan, and while the modem is on its way to your location, the service is activated. From there, you simply plug it in, and you’re good to go.

Choice matters

In 2019, one of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s election promises was that he would bring internet costs down. According to Babbl, this still hasn’t happened.

There was movement on that front when the CRTC ordered the big telecoms to slash their wholesale internet rates for independent providers like Babbl. However, the decision was reversed last May after Canada’s telecom giants lobbied against the move.

“The CRTC’s flip-flop effectively pulled the plug on the Trudeau government’s telecommunications strategy and its pledge to reduce internet costs for Canadians,” said Speers.

Independent providers are still fighting to challenge the CRTC decision, but Speers is forging ahead regardless.

There are a few other independent service providers that offer endless options and configurations which can be overwhelming, whereas Babbl seems to be opting for simplicity, giving you three basic options with no fuss.

Babbl is also promising hassle-free cancellations and is providing customers with a free modem rental.

Regardless of who you choose for your internet service, more choice is a good thing for the industry, and for you, the consumer.

Visit to see if it’s available in your area or to sign up for alerts when it is.

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