New Vancouver podcast could help you find your next career

Aug 25 2020, 4:17 pm

An exciting new podcast is helping local Vancouverites find their next career or job.

The podcast, titled Get a Job!, is connecting local job seekers who are unemployed, or underemployed, with job search tips and work in the Metro Vancouver area. 

The Vancouver WorkBC Centres’ latest project aims to inform and motivate job seekers during this challenging time, as many have been impacted by lay-offs or are facing new barriers as a result of the ongoing crisis.


As such, the podcast hopes to reinvigorate the hopes of job seekers who may be feeling discouraged by sharing helpful information and success stories.

Listeners can tune in for the latest and greatest surrounding which companies are hiring and count on receiving relevant employment tips geared to today’s day and age. Guest speakers will be featured to shed light on various employment sectors and dish out helpful personal advice.

So far, podcast episodes have explored topics like how to get the most out of virtual job fairs, career success stories, and how to navigate finding a job this summer. Job seekers are encouraged to listen in when new episodes air twice a month.

For those looking to dive right in, the latest installment, “Employment in the time of a pandemic: AyeMin’s WorkBC Success Story,” is a great place to start — especially if you’re in need of some uplifting content.


The episode centres around local Vancouverite and aspiring UI/UX designer Aye Min’s tale of finding a job in his field post-graduation.

Feeling disheartened by recent events and confidence issues surrounding his language skills as a young Canadian immigrant — common sources of frustration for many people looking for work — he sought the counsel of the career experts at his local WorkBC Centre: Midtown West in Kitsilano.

Though he remained steadfast in his search for his dream role, diligently tracking all of his applications in a document and dedicating up to eight hours a day to his goal, he faced some hiccups along the way.

In these tough moments, his facilitator and case manager were important sources of support.


After attending specialized workshops, getting detailed feedback on his job applications, and a rigorous mock interview, he was finally able to secure his dream job as a UI/UX designer at a prominent tech startup.

Min’s facilitator, Lindsay Nielsen, largely credits this success story to the simulation environment they’re able to create for job seekers. She encourages the people she works with to “think about this as a practice environment for yourself. Get comfortable being in video conferencing and learn how to present yourself in a professional environment because that’s going to give you a leg up,” she says.

The most valuable piece of advice Nielsen offers job applicants in the episode is to “really distill their messaging” in a way that speaks to the keywords in the job description and highlights your unique value and personality.

All to say, it’s a real balancing act and not one that people need to navigate on their own.


On Min’s end, he expresses that job seekers should know “WorkBC isn’t just about helping you with your resume and interview skills — it’s about working with a team who’ll support and motivate you during the ups and downs of the job search process,” he says.

At one point during the episode, they both remark how ironic it is that it takes a career professional to navigate the waters of having a career. It’s funny but true: had Min not enlisted the help of local experts, his job search might still be ongoing.

Hopefully, others will feel inspired by Min’s story — and other podcast episodes — and know that they don’t have to experience the woes of finding a job all by themselves. As Min said, WorkBC isn’t just about helping you with your resume and interview skills — it’s about working with a team who’ll support and motivate you during the ups and downs of the job search process. And in Nielsen’s own words, “it’s a team effort.”

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WorkBC Centres are funded by the Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia and provide free employment services for job seekers in Metro Vancouver.

Interested in learning more? Contact your nearest WorkBC Centre today.  

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