Free career services are being offered to help Vancouver residents find work

Jun 25 2020, 6:27 pm

The volatility of the Canadian job market as a result of the pandemic has thrust many into a state of job insecurity and put several industries at risk.

Dealing with a calamitous world event is stressful enough without having to worry about your job prospects, and it can be as damaging to your finances as it is your self-esteem.

The encouraging news is that the economy is gradually recovering from the over 1 million jobs initially lost throughout the country, which means job opportunities are on the rise. That’s why WorkBC Centre locations in Vancouver have been working extra hard to find new, safe ways to support job seekers during this challenging time. 

We all know that looking for work can be stressful, time-consuming, and all-around exhausting, but it doesn’t have to be. It can be an opportunity to refocus your career goals and reimagine your future.

So, if COVID-19 has affected your job security — or you’re unemployed, underemployed or just looking for work — these are five reasons you should get in touch with your local WorkBC Centre today. 

Get help planning your dream career

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With a wealth of tools and resources, WorkBC Centres can help you plan out your next career move. From Career Exploration workshops to Myers Briggs assessments to help you better understand your strengths, motivations, and growth areas, WorkBC employment specialists are there to support you in taking the right steps towards your dream career. 

They can provide training and financial support

If you’re eligible, WorkBC can help you obtain training to get you even more job-ready.

This includes occupational training in areas you’re interested in developing or in growing sectors, like Health and IT, as well as short-term training in computer upgrading or specific employment requirements, like FoodSafe and WHMIS. 

There are also financial supports available to help you conduct your job search, like transportation costs, funding for appropriate work attire, disability accommodations, and more. 

Services are free if you’re eligible

News flash: All employment services offered at WorkBC Centres are free if you’re eligible.

You can find out more on whether you’re eligible here. Generally, if you’re a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident, you’ll be able to access the full range of employment services to help you get ahead. 

Personalized one-to-one career support

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When you’re assigned a Case Manager, you can be sure that your individual career aspirations will be looked after.

They’ll be there to support you every step of the way, whether that means editing your resume, connecting you directly to employers who are hiring, assisting you with accessing financial supports, or referring you to career development workshops. 

There are services for everyone

Whether you’re a recent grad, a mature worker looking to get back into the workforce, a survivor of violence or abuse, an Indigenous person, a Person with a Disability, or an immigrant – WorkBC Centres have tailored programs and services especially for you.

They also offer services in a variety of languages so you can learn and communicate however you feel most comfortable. 

With their free employment services now being delivered virtually, it’s easier than ever to connect with your local WorkBC Centre and kickstart your career — whether that involves strategically planning your next move or securing work quickly.

Interested in learning more? Contact your nearest WorkBC Centre today.  

Vancouver South: 604-263-5005 / [email protected] 

North Vancouver: 604-988-3766 / [email protected] 

Vancouver Midtown West: 604-688-4666 / [email protected]

Vancouver City Centre: 604-334-6372 / [email protected]

Career Zone: 604-605-4666 / [email protected] 

Coquitlam: 778-730-0174 / [email protected] 

Port Coquitlam: 778-730-0171 / [email protected] 

Port Moody: 604-917-0286 / [email protected] 

If you live outside these areas, check out for your nearest WorkBC Centre. 

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