These Canadian provinces are most guilty of binge-watching Netflix

Nov 22 2022, 5:27 pm

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn’t let that next episode load, knowing good and well that it was time for bed. We’ve all done it to a certain degree.

A new study conducted by Time2play explored the streaming habits of Netflix subscribers across Canada. What they found was that among the 1,000 Canadians they surveyed, three in four admitted to binge-watching.

Participants were also presented with the following question: “How many days does it take for you to binge-watch a typical 10-minute episode season on Netflix?” According to data collected by Time2play, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island are tied for binge-watching faster than any other province with an average of 4.3 days.



Alternatively, Saskatchewanians were least prone to binge-watching among all other provinces, taking over a week (7.7 days) to watch 10 episodes of a series.

As for what Canadians have been watching exactly, the nation’s fastest-streamed show in 2022 was Stranger Things (Season 4). Time2play says this came “as no surprise since the show shattered viewership records.” The Witcher and Bridgerton rounded out the top three, respectively.

Canadas-fastest-binge-watches-by-province-and-territory-2 (1)


The study also concluded that prime binge-watching hours in Canada are between 8 pm and midnight. Additionally, when choosing to binge-watch the rest of a season, respondents say they wait until they have seen two episodes before deciding.

The average response to the question of how many episodes people can watch in a row without pausing was 2.8.

You can read the entire report here.

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