Nespresso Coffee store to open in Langley's Willowbrook Shopping Centre

Feb 15 2023, 7:40 pm

Your morning cup of coffee is a highly personal experience, whether you take it with cream and sugar, a splash of oat milk, or black as midnight on a moonless night.

The way we make coffee is a personal experience too – a morning ritual that jump starts the day – and everyone has their preferred technique, from pour over to the good ‘ol reliable Mr. Coffee maker.

Those who love the idea of an espresso machine but don’t have the patience for it (or the money to shell out for it, either) can find a happy medium in the Nespresso machine – a sleek and convenient way of (kind of) making espresso at home without the need to learn to tamp or perfect the grind.

You only need to pop a pre-filled coffee capsule into the machine and press a button in order to get smooth, crema-topped espresso – the only catch is you either have to go to a Nespresso store or order online to get more coffee, which can be somewhat inconvenient depending on where you live.

Now, the coffee maker is finally set to open its very first location in the Fraser Valley, making it a little easier for folks to pick up their refill capsules.

The new Nespresso store is set to open in Langley’s Willowbrook Shopping Centre sometime this spring, and will be a 180-square-foot pop-up in the mall’s north corridor.

The shop will offer Nespresso’s single-serve coffee and espresso capsules, as well as a capsule recycling station – because yes, these capsules are made from “infinitely recyclable aluminum,” according to Nespresso’s website.

Folks will get a chance to sample the different roasts and capsules here before they choose which ones to take home, too.

Nespresso operates four other locations in the province in Vancouver, West Vancouver, Burnaby, and Richmond.

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