Vancouver artist celebrates 30 Days of Ramadan with new NFT collection

Mar 28 2022, 11:47 pm

Muslims across Canada and around the world will begin observing the holy month of Ramadan on Saturday, April 2, and a Vancouver artist is commemorating the important occasion by releasing a personal, new NFT Collection.

Mustaali Raj, an independent art director, graphic designer, and visual artist based in Mount Pleasant, Vancouver will release 30 Days of RMDN on Opensea NFT marketplace on March 29.

Raj told Daily Hive that the NFT series explores his personal experience of the blessed month of fasting, spiritual reflection, and prayers.


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“Ramadan is a very special month for more than two billion Muslims around the world, including myself,” said Raj. “It is a time for self-reflection, expanding spirituality, kindness, generosity, and connecting with family and friends.”

As a child, Raj was slowly introduced to Ramadan traditions in different ways before adopting them formally as an adult. Now he is visualizing those rich Ramadan memories and sharing them with others.

“Creating and launching 30 Days of RMDN is like opening up a time capsule,” Raj explained. “Some are emotional, others funny, some more recent, and others very nostalgic. I wanted to create a space for Ramadan’s visual vocabulary.”

Ramadan NFTs

30 Days of RMDN NFT series/Submitted

Raj will be turning his most memorable Ramadan experiences into 30 genesis RMDN CUBES that will be released on March 29 before the start of the holy month. He has also created three limited-edition Eid NFTs that will be dropped to celebrate Eid al-Fitr.

Only 30 RMDN CUBES will be sold, with holders receiving one NFT airdrop on their assigned day. The unique collectible artworks will be unveiled each day of the holy month on Raj’s Instagram page, and 30% of the profits will be donated to Food Charities

Ramadan NFTs

30 Days of RMDN NFT series/Submitted

“I first started the annual 30 Days of Ramadan project in 2016 as a daily creative exploration of personal reflections and learnings for my own spiritual practice,” shared Raj, who also recently launched the popular i OF THE TIGER NFT series. “The project has featured a different theme every year and serves as a unifying thread that offers alternate perspectives that reflect the diversity of the Muslim community.

“There are certain traditions that are universal across the world with beautiful subtleties existing between cultures. Many are sure to relate to 30 Days of RMDN.”

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