Vancouver-made NFTs are supporting women in crypto and the community

Mar 18 2022, 6:07 pm

Vancouver-based NFT entrepreneur Girlz Wrld wants to change crypto culture for the better.

“In this competitive and testosterone-filled market, people can quickly turn on each other and it is a real dog-eat-dog world,” Wrld told Daily Hive. “Everyone is trying to flip, make ETH, and move onto the next hype project. But I am trying to change that narrative. I have a great passion to change NFT culture that can be so toxic, aggressive, and damaging to physical and mental health.”

Wrld is making huge strides in her mission with the launch of her first NFT collection, CrypToadettez. The CC0 collection of 6969 NFTs was created by Wrld alongside fellow co-founders Snotty Napkins and Zobie.

CrypToadettez lives on the Ethereum blockchain and launches today with a mint price of 0.042 ETH.

“The Toadettez are in search of their long-lost male counterparts, the Cryptoadz (an NFT collection created by Gremplin),” explained Wrld. “They have had time to be badass Toadettez without them for quite some time, so the time has come to be reunited.

“With that being said, we recognize the importance of being strong, independent Toadettez and have multiple initiatives towards supporting women in the NFT space as well as outside of it, through resources and proceeds obtained from our exciting project.”

Cryptoadettez NFT

Girlz Wrld, co-founder Cryptoadettez NFT collection/Submitted

According to Wrld, a big focus of the NFT collection is supporting women. Once Cryptoadettez has 100% sold out, the team will make a $50,000 donation to BC Women’s Hospital.

Wrld, Napkins, and Zobie have also set up a community wallet that will hold half of the secondary royalties. They will also fund it with 10 ETH from NFT sale proceeds.

“Every month a portion of the proceeds will go towards new female NFT start-up projects and to young girls in need of books and school supplies,” explained Wrld. “We are very passionate about providing young women with the education they deserve and need and succeed in this world. The community will then vote on where additional funds will be allocated.”

Cryptoadettez NFT

Cryptoadettez NFT/Submitted

Collaboration is very important to Cryptoadettez. Wrld told Daily Hive that Cryptoadz community manager MotivateMe has been supportive during every step of the NFT process, and that the original artist Gremplin did a one-of-one piece for their newly-launched collection.

And Cryptoadettez would not exist without the successful teamwork of Wrld, Napkins, and Zobie.

“We have known each other since we were young and have always stayed friends,” shared Wrld. “We decided to take our passion for NFTs and implement our personal skills to create the project.

“I am an interior designer, Zobie is a robotics engineer and Snotty graduated in econ and now has his own real estate business as well. We have built the project together from the beginning from initial concept, design, marketing, website and everything in between. We have even recently added another member Bozzy, to help us with community management and marketing.”

The Cryptoadettez team is growing and they are excited to see where the NFT journey takes them. For Wrld, that means ensuring that the crypto community is open to all.

Cryptoadettez NFT

Cryptoadettez NFT/Submitted

“There is room for all of us here, but the space needs to be inviting and welcoming,” said Wrld. “I want to support women that need it and to be a voice for others.

“There is a lack of female representation in the space. It is still heavily ‘crypto bro’ dominated and I want to change that. I plan on teaching people all about getting started with NFTs and understanding them easily. I also hope to speak at events and host more Twitter spaces so there can be more women standing up there.”

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