7 Stampede foods that are actually worth the hype

Jul 9 2019, 11:43 pm

This year the Calgary Stampede revealed a list of 90 whopping new foods coming to the Midway, and mix that with the old tried-and-true favourites, and stepping onto the grounds for a snack can be very intimidating.

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Lucky for you, we went on-site to test a ton ourselves, and with the help of dedicated YYC foodies, we’re compiled of a list of the must-try bites from this year’s lineup.

Here are some of the Stampede foods that are actually worth the hype.

Butter Beer Ice Cream


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There aren’t many trendy treats that actually live up to the hype (We’re looking at you, Pizza Funnel Cake), but this one definitely did. Insta-worthy, refreshing, and not too heavy, this smoking Butter Beer Ice Cream is a great pallet cleanser in between fried goodies or cheese-covered wonders.

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Corndog

Speaking of cheese-covered wonders, if you’re a fan of the jalapeno corndog, then this will surely become your new favourite savory dish. Covered in crunchy Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, this is a modern twist on a Stampede classic, and we’re totally into it.

Cotton Candy Mini Doughnuts


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We wait all year for these sweet, fresh, doughy bites, and the cotton candy topping on this particular variety is a must-try in our opinion. Just try to resist the scent of these babies on the grounds.

Loaded Cheese Colossal Onion


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This variety of Blooming Onion really takes this already-spectacular dish to a whole new level. Ideal for sharing, and carrying throughout the grounds as you peruse your next bite, we didn’t really think this classic fair food could get better until now.

Deep-Fried Rainbow Oreos


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Now unlike the Colossal Onion, we didn’t think this classic Stampede food could get better. By simply adding a rainbow of colour into the batter, these chocolatey morsels have become picture-perfect and a true bucket list item on the grounds this year.

Pickle Pizza


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Grabbing a slice between the rodeo and Cowboys is never a bad idea, but if you want to try something new that won’t make your stomach flip while waiting in line for the party tent, Pickle Pizza is where it’s at. It’s the perfect amount of filling, satisfying, and exciting.

Nitro Coffee Deep-fried Mini Doughnuts


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Ogopogo has been a popular booth at the Stampede for years, but its new coffee doughnuts deep-fried creation is getting rave reviews from Midway-goers. The doughnuts at actually injected with coffee, meaning the burst of flavour will satisfy your stomach and give you a jolt of energy to finish chowing down on more food.

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