"Move to Canada" spiked drastically in British Google searches today

Jun 25 2016, 2:14 am

We can’t blame them, really.

Waking up to what can only be explained as a nightmare for half of Britain (or at least 48%), several Brits took to Google to find a way not just out of the EU – that damage was already done – but the country all together.

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And where else would a Brit on the lamb wish to end up than the home of moose, beaver, double-doubles, hockey, and a general level of politeness usually reserved for the House of Lords back home.

Cliches and crying aside, “move to Canada” really did reach peak search this morning in Britain:

Now, Google Trends won’t show you the number of people actually searching that term, so it’s impossible to say just how many Britons we thinking of moving across the pond. What you can do, however, is compare search terms to get a vague (but super fun) sense of just how many people were thinking of invading coming to Canada.

For instance, for a stretch of several hours this morning, more people in all of England were searching “move to Canada” than anything about Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (you know her as Kate Middleton):

Or, for another couple of hours, Superman:

More importantly for Canada, searches for “move to” many other countries were significantly less than they were for the true north strong and free:

Move to Canada

Google Trends

We’re not sure if anything will actually come from this, but one thing’s for sure, we’re sure as hell not going back to how it was pre-1867…even if she is our Queen too.

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