7 most annoying visiting fan bases at Canucks games

Feb 11 2022, 11:49 pm

Toronto Maple Leafs fans will be allowed in Rogers Arena to see their team play for the first time in over two years this weekend.

It’s a long-awaited return for locals that support Toronto, as December 10, 2019 was the last time the Leafs played the Canucks in Vancouver with fans in the building.

Since then, the Leafs have:

  • Lost to a Zamboni driver
  • Suffered two crushing playoff defeats

I’m trying to get you fired up, if you can’t tell. Leafs-Canucks on a Saturday night never disappoints. It’s so good that they start the game at 4 pm locally just so the folks back east don’t miss it.

No matter where either team is in the standings, whenever Toronto comes to town, bragging rights are on the line — because the person sitting next to you at the game could well be wearing a Leafs jersey.

Leafs fans at Canucks games are annoying, there’s no question about that. But are they the most annoying?

Ok, you already know the answer to that too. Pretend to be surprised when you read #1.

7. Stars fans

If your fanbase yells your team’s name during the national anthem, don’t be surprised when you end up on this list. If the list was eight teams long, we’d probably include the Vegas Golden Knights for that reason.

One day Seattle Kraken fans will make this list, but not today.

6. Bruins fans

Most Bruins fans you’ll find in Vancouver aren’t actually from Boston, so they lack that delightful charm we witnessed back in 2011.

But they still wear Marchand jerseys, and they’re still annoying.

5. Habs fans

Older hockey fans would probably rank Montreal Canadiens fans higher than fifth, but times have changed. The Habs haven’t been a powerhouse in decades, and there’s no rivalry between Vancouver and Montreal. There’s a lot of Canadiens fans in the building whenever Montreal visits, but they’re not as annoying as they could be.

Still annoying though.

4. Flames fans

Talk to a Calgary Flames fan for more than 30 seconds and I bet you they’ll bring up the 1989 Stanley Cup. It’s all they have, and it’s annoying.

Plus, Otto kicked it in.

3. Jets fans

Winnipeg Jets fans don’t yell their team name during O Canada — they yell the name of a corporation. The “True North!” thing was cute when they first got their team back 10 years ago, but it’s been annoying for at least five.

2. Oilers fans

If you thought Flames fans were stuck in the ’80s, let me introduce you to an Edmonton Oilers fan. The reality is all Oilers fans under the age of 40 know is losing, yet they still run their mouths like the fake winners they are.

They’re like the Leafs fans of Alberta.

1. Leafs fans

Leafs fans under 60 aren’t old enough to remember their last Stanley Cup. Leafs fans under 20 aren’t old enough to remember their last playoff series win.

It doesn’t stop them from yelling “go Leafs go” ad nauseam though.

There’s no bigger opposing fan base that visits Rogers Arena than Leafs fans, because so many of them have moved from Toronto to Canada’s best city.

Everyone has an annoying Leafs fan in their life.

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