More Vancouver flights with coronavirus exposure identified

Jul 25 2020, 7:10 pm

The BC Centre for Disease Control has added four more flights to its list of ones with potential coronavirus exposure.

The flights all either departed or landed at the Vancouver International Airport in the last 14 days.

Everyone aboard Delta flight 3569 on July 10 from Vancouver to Seattle should watch for symptoms, as the CDC hasn’t identified which rows are at higher risk.

There was also potential coronavirus exposure on American Airlines flight 1415 from Dallas to Vancouver on July 11. Again, everyone on this flight is potentially at risk.

Air Canada flight 855 from London’s Heathrow airport to Vancouver on July 17 also had risk of coronavirus exposure in rows 26 to 32.

Most people aboard these flights should be self-isolating already to follow Canada’s 14-day quarantine rule for international arrivals.

The BC CDC also flagged coronavirus exposure on one domestic flight: Air Canada flight 214 from Vancouver to Calgary on July 12.

As of March 27, the BC CDC is no longer notifying passengers directly and instead posting public notices of flights with potential coronavirus exposure.

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