Cat needs leg amputation and surgery after being found roaming property

Apr 26 2019, 11:05 pm

Meet Mister.

medical emergency funding needed

Mister/BC SPCA

Mister has had a tough start to his life, with no one looking after him for some time.

According to his medical emergency funding page, Mister needs to have his left front leg amputated because it’s broken, his jaw wired due to a fracture, oral surgery, and he also needs to be neutered.

Mister was found after wondering onto a property in the Fraser Valley where he tried to get into a home. The property owner did not want the cat, but noticed he was not healthy and needed help.

Mister is so incredibly grateful to be in our care. He’s now safe, warm, fed, receiving attention, and vet care so he is no longer in pain. He loves attention and if you stop petting him he will give you this adorable look asking for more,” said Abbotsford BC SPCA branch manager Sarah Ringer.

medical emergency funding needed

Mister loves to be petted/BC SPCA

His medical costs are estimated at $3,272 and he will need at least eight weeks to recover from surgery in a foster home before he’s ready to be adopted.

“Mister would like nothing more than to live without pain in a home with a family. He gets along well with other cats and loves people,” says Ringer.

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BC SPCA’s Medical Emergency program helps to cover any costs that arise when an animal arrives needing urgent or extraordinary care by bringing animal-lovers to their aid.

Each animal has a fundraising page with details about their life and injuries. A fundraising goal is set which will cover the cost of all surgery and veterinary care.

Don’t worry, the BC SPCA does not wait until the fundraising goal has been met to start medical care. The funds are for the bills that come after the treatments.

To learn more about Mister and to look into helping cover his medical costs, click here for more information.

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