No joke: BC Mounties receive application for feline member of Police Cat Services

Apr 22 2019, 11:36 pm

What was created by BC Mounties as an April Fool’s joke earlier this month has resulted in a real job application for the perfect candidate for ‘paw enforcement’ for their Police Cat Services program.

The BC RCMP made headlines on April Fool’s Day with the announcement of their new tool for law enforcement to help them catch “purr-petrators” — Police Cats.

One qualified kitty, Penny Cirque, submitted an application with a list of qualifications to BC RCMP, including her charm, which she says can be used to trick “bad guys” into confessing “all the bad things they had done.”

police cat


Penny Cirque got her name because as a kitten, because she showed much acrobatic promise, her owners thought she would be going into Cirque du Soleil.

Instead, Penny’s got her eyes set on using her skills to making her a the perfect fit for the job, and she also thinks she would look great in the RCMP’s iconic red serge uniform.

The BC RCMP shared the posting to their Twitter, stating that there was no return contact information listed in the application for them to reach Penny.

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