Protect and earn: Metro Vancouver police agencies hiring lots of well-paying jobs

Jun 5 2023, 7:11 pm

Police forces around Metro Vancouver are hiring for lots of well-paying jobs, whether you want to be out on the street stopping criminals or behind the scenes helping forces run as efficiently as possible.

All of the major forces around Metro Vancouver are typically hiring for various positions all year-round. There are currently many vacancies and most of them pay you well to help protect and serve.

From the Vancouver Police Department (VPD) to the controversial Surrey Police Service (SPS), these are all the police forces hiring around Metro Vancouver.

Vancouver Police Department

The VPD is one of the largest police agencies, so it shouldn’t be surprising that it’s constantly hiring. However, several highly lucrative jobs don’t require you to holster a firearm or have a fancy degree.

For a foot in the door, the VPD wants to add people to its casual/auxiliary/temp pool. Pay ranges between $26.87 and $34.23 per hour.

The VPD is still looking for police officers, starting at $77,000 annually. The force is also seeking jail guards with an hourly salary of $29.68.

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West Vancouver Police Department

The West Vancouver Police Department (WVPD) currently has an opening for a police constable, and starting pay is slightly better than at the VPD.

For a fifth-class constable, the WVPD pays $80,544. As you advance, you could make up to $115,056 after four years.

Basic requirements include being at least 19, physically fit, having a Grade 12 diploma or equivalent, valid CPR Level C and AED, and a valid Class 5 driver’s licence.

Surrey Police Service

Applying for a role with the SPS should be done with some level of caution, as the City of Surrey is currently in a heated political dispute about who the prevailing policing force in Surrey should be: the SPS or the Surrey RCMP.

Still, that hasn’t stopped the SPS from recruiting and carrying out its duties.

Like the other forces, SPS recruits new constables, and starting pay is $75,488. The force is also recruiting a more experienced staff sergeant, and that position pays $145,584 to start.

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Delta Police

Like the other police agencies, Delta Police is also seeking recruits, and the starting pay for a new constable is near top-of-class.

For a 1st-year constable, including training, applicants can expect to be paid $83,040. After four years, that increases to $118,632. As the experience progresses, so does the salary, and sergeants get paid $142,356.

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New West Police Department

Finally, the NWPD is recruiting for both officer and civilian roles.

Believe it or not, starting pay for a constable in the first two years is the best in any Metro Vancouver locale.

A new NWPD constable gets paid $83,784 in the first two years and $89,364 after two years.

More information on getting a job with the NWPD can be found here.

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