5 types of jobs to apply for in BC's fastest growing school district

Jun 2 2023, 4:00 pm

Surrey is the largest and fastest-growing school district in BC, and with its population projected to increase by over 300,000 people over the next three decades, it’s only expected to keep growing.

This growth means many exciting career opportunities with an organization thatā€™s been
named one of BC’s Top Employers for seven years. If you’re looking to launch or transition your teaching career, or explore opportunities in trades, Surrey School District is looking to hire a wide range of qualified applicants to meet the region’s population boom.

The district’s size means it offers unique opportunities and the chance to make a significant impact on students’ lives through instruction and by ensuring students have access to safe and engaging learning environments.

Not to mention, Surrey is also a great city to work and live in, with a plethora of outdoor lifestyle options, unique neighbourhoods, and an up-and-coming culinary scene. Plus, it’s just 30 minutes from Downtown Vancouver.

To help inspire your application, here are some of the current opportunities available in the area.

Teaching roles

Surrey School District posts openings for teachers weekly and you can discover a multitude of exciting career opportunities through their bulletins. With roles in elementary and secondary teaching, adult learning, summer learning, and more, you can join the team of over 6,700 teachers in Surrey and White Rock, and enjoy an engaging and rewarding work environment with plenty of room to grow.

French Immersion

If you are passionate about helping students become bilingual in both of Canada’s official languages, Surrey Schools is currently seeking elementary and secondary French Immersion teachers.

The French Immersion program aims to give students the language and literacy competencies they’ll need to succeed in school, the community, and their personal and professional lives. French Immersion teachers work with Grades K-12.

Opportunities are available to collaborate with other French language teachers while working within the program to ensure quality education is provided to students.

Inclusive education teachers

Surrey Schools works to create supportive and inclusive learning communities where all children, specifically those children with diverse abilities and needs, can reach their full potential.

Check out the Surrey School careers pageĀ to stay up-to-date on new Inclusive Education postings as they become available.

Technology Education

In today’s modern world, it’s never been more important to teach young minds how to understand and navigate specialized trades with effective skills, tools, and technology.

Surrey Schools currently has several contract vacancies for Tech Education teachers at a number of local secondary schools. This involves working with the new Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies (ADST) curriculum — an experiential, hands-on program of learning through design and creation. This is an amazing opportunity to equip students with essential skills that can lead to careers in technology and different trades, such as electricians, carpenters, and mechanics.

Trades positions

As well as teaching roles, Surrey Schools is looking for skilled tradespeople to join its team. There are currently openings for electricians, plumbers, carpenters, and more — many of which offer an hourly rate of $37.08. These roles are critical in maintaining infrastructure, ensuring safety, facilitating repairs and renovations, optimizing efficiency, supporting educational programs, and preparing for emergencies.

Interested in working for the district? To view the wide range of positions available with Surrey Schools, or to fill out a job application today, click here.

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