Vancouver currently has the highest gas prices in North America

Mar 7 2018, 6:54 pm

With gas prices in the city topping the $1.50/litre mark at the pump on Wednesday morning, Vancouver currently has the highest gas prices in all of North America.

This according to industry analyst, Dan McTeague of

Gas prices started a steep climb last week and McTeague said the rising cost can be pinpointed on a closed refinery, as Parkland’s Burnaby plant remains under repair.

“The two US refineries that have set a one-month timetable for their maintenance are set to scale back production at the beginning of April.”

On Wednesday morning, McTeague told Daily Hive the high prices drivers are currently seeing “might be the pinnacle until net week.”

McTeague doesn’t know when the Parkland is coming out of maintenance, “but the longer it is, [the longer] we will have to face the price effects of two Washington refineries going through their delayed spring maintenance.”

So is there any sort of price relief on the horizon for drivers in Metro Vancouver?

Well, kind of.

“We could see prices drop one-cent a litre on Thursday and another on Friday,” said McTeague. “So no further threats of hikes until next week. ”

However, McTeague warned, “prices will be volatile especially on April 1 with the new carbon tax and switchover from winter to summer gasoline.”

These two factors alone “could add five cents a litre to prices here in Vancouver.”


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