Waffles flown from across North America to BC boy with autism

Feb 4 2021, 1:12 am

A Metro Vancouver boy with autism will be receiving more than 400 Nature’s Path Maple Cinnamon waffles, and all for a good cause.

The waffles are one of the few foods he can manage to eat, but unfortunately, that specific flavour was discontinued several months ago.

maple cinammon waffles

Nature’s Path Foods

Nature’s Path Foods heard about the dilemma less than a week ago after friends of the family reached out on social media platforms.

“A friend’s child is autistic and has great food struggles but this is the one food they can handle,” tweeted Cindy Dalglish, an education advocate and family friend. “But it has been discontinued so they are looking for as many boxes as possible.”

Samantha Falk, Director of Communications at Nature’s Path Foods, says the company began hunting down the discontinued product shortly after hearing about the family’s story.

“We found out Jenna and Jericho’s story and that he really loves our waffles,” Falk tells Daily Hive in an interview. “It’s pretty much a staple of his diet — he eats up to 14 of them a day.”

She says that a number of teams tried to track down the maple cinnamon waffles, adding that they were mostly sold out around the Metro Vancouver area.

“Finding discontinued waffles is harder than I thought,” Falk said. “Finally, after a couple of days, we tracked down six cases — our last supply — at one of our warehouses in Illinois.”

The waffles were air freighted and arrived in Canada earlier this week, and after clearing customs they’re now ready to be delivered.

The family is currently sourcing a freezer since they simply don’t have the space to store such a large amount of waffles. There are six waffles in a box and 12 boxes in a case, meaning that they’ll have over 400 waffles secured for the near future.

“It’s so hard if you have a child who just eats one thing,” Falk stressed, noting that these are some of the last ones in existence.

“I think in Metro Vancouver, it doesn’t sound like there’s much, and these are our last ones.”

The waffles are being delivered free of charge to the family in addition to some other surprises in the coming days and weeks.

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