This Vancouver skin care line incorporates fresh fruit and veggies

May 20 2021, 4:27 pm

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People take their skin routines seriously — and they should.

Everyone’s skin is different and so we search for the best morning and evening routine and products thats right for us. We spend so much money and time looking for fruity smells and natural oils, so it seems strange we don’t look for fresh ingredients in our skin-care products.

Shawn Bruno looked to solve his skin problems by creating a business when he was just 15 years old. MEEKU is a unique skin care company that focuses on sourcing fresh fruits and vegetables from local farmers to bring the customer a vitamin-rich experience directly to their skin.


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Vancity has been supporting people in our communities since 1946, like local entrepreneurs. As part of our Made in Vancouver series spotlighting local businesses and artists, we talked to Shawn Bruno, about finding a solution to his own problem as well as the markets.

“It started when I was 15 years old,” Bruno told Daily Hive. “I suffered from serious skin issues and this had a huge impact on my self esteem in life. I was introduced to the concept of using fresh juices on the skin to help alleviate my skin conditions and the results were wonderful. Since then I’ve always used fresh ingredients on my skin, skipping the unnecessary ingredients that are so commonly found in today’s skin care, including water.”

Did he just say water?

“Yes, I said water,” Bruno said again. “We don’t use water as the first ingredient in our skin care lines. Instead we source fresh produce from local farmers, extract the juices from a cold process method and incorporate the juices into our skin care lines. We use fresh carrot juice for the face, lemons for the hands, and cucumbers for feet and body,” said Bruno.


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Bruno really doesn’t use any extra ingredients in his products. He uses what has worked for him, and now what works for so many other people. He had his own skin issues, and it was a friend who initially introduced him to using those fresh juices to alleviate some of the problems.

I was inspired by my friend Meeku from India,” said Bruno. “He showed me the concept of using fresh ingredients on the skin, and it worked for me,” he added.

Naming the company after him shows his appreciation to his friend. Bruno is keen and willing to offer his own inspiration and advice to other entrepreneurs, no matter what space they hope to start in.


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You should always follow your passion and your heart,” he said. “Leave your ego at the door and focus on what you believe in and don’t let anyone else change that. Share your passion with the world and the world will respond accordingly,” added Bruno.

Leaving your ego aside doesn’t mean not being determined. It’s definitely not the case for Shawn Bruno and MEEKU.

“I am relentlessly ambitious and goal oriented,” said Bruno.

“I typically do not let anything stand in my way when I believe in something, it must be the Taurus in me. I strive to succeed and refuse to fail, no matter what it is I am doing. I am deeply passionate about what I do and love to share it with the world. Even during extreme moments of stress, I know to stay relaxed and calm and keep my focus on what needs to be done. I understand the importance of communication and am always looking for ways to improve my skills,” he added.


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The goal of MEEKU is aiming to provide people with the best skin care experience for every person that buys their product. It’s simple, but a strong mission. The process, however, is so much more than that.

We strive on always improving our concepts and always trying to incorporate radical and unique ideas that actually do benefit people,” said Bruno.

“We encourage active communication throughout our community and will always aim to make sure the customer is always satisfied when they leave the door,” he added.

The success of MEEKU has been impressive and inspiring, especially during a difficult year. Different challenges only meant different solutions the team needed to adapt to.


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We started at doing markets during COVID,” he said. “There were times where non-essential vendors were not allowed to attend these markets, so we had to find new ways to get out into the community. Online space was saturated to the point that it no longer made sense to pay for online advertising. We fought, we cried, but most important we believed,” Bruno added.

Vancouver is a city that loves to celebrate a healthy lifestyle, and taking care of our skin is one we sometimes neglect. Find the best one at MEEKU that suits you.

We currently have a retail shop in the Metrotown Metropolis mall,” said Bruno. “We currently sell over 30 unique items that range from skin care to bath and body.”

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