Canadians can grow their own medical pot starting August 24

Aug 11 2016, 7:08 pm

Medical cannabis users will be able to grow their own pot starting August 24 thanks to new rules outlined by Health Canada.

The new Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations state anyone who has been given the green light by their healthcare practitioners can grow a “limited amount” of marijuana for personal use or they can assign someone to grow it for them.

This is in addition to already having the option to buy medical pot from a licensed grower.

Police officers will also have access to a 24-hour phone line to check whether or not a person is allowed to be in possession of marijuana under the new guidelines.

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Still, Health Canada notes that medical pot smokers will have to go through proper protocol in order to legally use and obtain marijuana, and that dispensaries and compassion clubs are still illegal.

The new rules come as a result of a lawsuit launched by Neil Allard, Tanya Beemish, David Hebert, and Shawn Davey, each of whom use medical marijuana and believe the current restrictions “adversely impact” their lives.

Health Canada has released a series of safety and security considerations to note when growing your own pot, which includes indoor and outdoor growing, storage, health, and proper disposal.

Health Canada says information on how to register to grow your own pot and legally purchase equipment will be available on August 24.