Map shows the #1 thing every country in the world is best at

Dec 9 2016, 5:43 pm

Everyone’s the best at something.

And that’s exactly what the people over at Information is Beautiful believe in. So much so that they’ve collected data on nearly every country in the world to showcase just what they’re better at than everyone else around the globe.

Now, being #1 in the world at something is tough. So sometimes you’re going to end up with a pretty rough result like, say, Child Labour (Eritrea) or Murder (Honduras). Of course, you could also end up being #1 at something wonderfully surprising like Women in Parliament (Rwanda) or Happiness (Colombia).

However, if you’re Canada, you’re simply just lucky. Because, thanks to a recent update by the good folks at Information is Beautiful, we went from being #1 in Facebook Addiction to #1 in Personal Freedom.

Talk about an upgrade.

You can see what the rest of the world ranks first in here:

Canada #1 in the world map

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