Man spits on elevator buttons in Vancouver condo (VIDEO)

Apr 11 2020, 12:53 pm

People are outraged after a surveillance video circulated showing a man purposely spitting on elevator buttons in a residential building in Vancouver.

The video was posted to Twitter by Marie Hui, who lives in the Olympic Village condo at Quebec Street and East 1st Avenue.

“It’s disgusting,” Hui told Daily Hive, who says she now fears for the safety of her family given the current state of affairs in the world.

“I feel like my safety and my family’s safety, and the safety of everybody in this building as well as in our community, is compromised because of this,” said the Vancouver singer, well known for her performances of national anthems at Canucks and Whitecaps games. “If he’s doing this in our building, the building that he could potentially be living in, he could be doing this anywhere else within our community — public spaces that people are touching all the time.

“It’s a disgusting act, especially during this time.”

In the video, the man enters the elevator at the underground parking level (P1), waiting until just before getting off on the eighth floor before spitting at the top of the elevator buttons.

Somebody posted a photo of the saliva to warn residents in the building’s Facebook group before the video was made available, Hui said. Strata has fined the man, Hui says, but that’s all they’re able to do.

“Even if you don’t have symptoms, you could be infecting people with this virus, so I feel like my safety is compromised here,” she added.

Hui said she contacted the Vancouver Police Department through the non-emergency line, but said police told her there wasn’t much they could do in this case.

Daily Hive has reached out to the VPD for further comment on the incident.

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