Marketing platform Mailchimp sets up first international office in Vancouver

Jul 4 2019, 5:38 pm

Unlike most of the US tech companies setting up shop in Vancouver, Mailchimp has flown under the radar. The all-in-one Marketing Platform has a growing foothold in the city, and will be moving into a new Mount Pleasant office this summer.

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Mailchimp, the email marketing and e-commerce solution with the undeniably cute mascot, has kept quiet about its “acqui-hire” of local startup LemonStand. As reported by TechCrunch and others, the acquisition happened back in February of this year, and saw the retention of the Vancouver-based LemonStand’s existing employees.

Image: Andy Pittman, VP of Talent Strategy, Mailchimp

Andy Pittman, VP of Talent Strategy at Mailchimp, confirmed that there are currently five full-time employees at Mailchimp Vancouver in product and engineering roles, “working on features and functionality for our e-commerce users.”

Pittman expanded on growth plans for Mailchimp’s first international office outside of the US: “We definitely plan to grow that office and have space for 20 to 30 people in the near term, but we’re obviously starting small with five employees. We’re listening to the market and community in Vancouver, and learning from them how we should show up.”

Image: Danny Halarewich, Senior Product Manager, Mailchimp

LemonStand’s Founder and CEO, Danny Halarewich, is now a Senior Product Manager at Mailchimp, and heads up the Vancouver team. Halarewich has been focusing on small businesses and e-commerce solutions for his entire career, and carries that into his new role.

“Obviously the scale is much bigger. We’re really excited about being able to help millions of small businesses over at Mailchimp. Helping them do better marketing, and—now that we’re working on e-commerce light features—helping them sell more stuff.”

It’s still early days for Mailchimp Vancouver, says Halarewich: “We just started. We on-boarded and joined the company in March. The people are really great from the headquarters in Atlanta—very warm, inviting, smart, humble—they’ve been terrific to work with.”

Mailchimp is currently hiring in Vancouver, focusing on expanding their engineering and product roles. The plan is to hire between 20-30 people at Mailchimp Vancouver “in the near term.”

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