Bring a change of underwear to Maan Farms' latest haunted experience (PHOTOS/VIDEO)

Sep 19 2022, 7:01 pm

Halloween is over a month away, but you won’t have to wait long to get the literal crap scared out of you, courtesy of Maan Farms’ latest haunted experience.

We wrote about our experience last year, and we aren’t exaggerating when we say they kicked things up a notch this year.

Fan favourite treats like the double pumpkin spice cream, deep-fried mini donuts, and wine blood bags are also returning. Still, the main attraction is, no doubt, the three specially curated haunted experiences.

The Scariest Corn Maze in Canada

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Amir Ali/Daily Hive

The first phase of the haunted tour is the Scariest Corn Maze in Canada, which is the aptly named Slaughterhouse this year.

Fans of the Maan Farms experience mostly know what to expect with this classic horror adventure. As the name implies, you go through a corn maze with strategically placed cargo containers spread throughout, each with a scary little twist.


Amir Ali/Daily Hive

You’ll find freaks and ghouls popping out of every corner when you least expect it, within the containers and the corn maze itself. At one point, we were literally chased by a chainsaw-wielding maniac.

Amir Ali/Daily Hive

The approximate length of this attraction depends on how quickly you’re brave enough to move through it, but we made it out alive after roughly 15 to 20 minutes.


Amir Ali/Daily Hive

Homestead is an entirely new experience at Maan Farms, which takes you through a decrepit Airbnb, “one you may never leave.”


Amir Ali/Daily Hive

This was an excellent and immersive experience featuring actors, pranks, and even food. During one point of the Homestead journey, we were paired with two random guests. The journey features two paths, each pair going down a different way.

We met up with a man portraying a demented doctor, who made us push buttons that would make things happen to the other guests, including getting splashed in the face with water.

That was fun.

maan haunted

WT…F (Amir Ali/Daily Hive)

Another portion of the attraction featured a demented magic act or science experiment, which made the guest get hands-on.

The Way Down

The Way Down was the widest part of the Maan Farms haunted experience.

We couldn’t take any pictures of this frightening ordeal because we wouldn’t have been able to see our cameras.

A black hood over your head is the first thing that happens when you get to the front of the line.

That’s right, Maan Farms says this is the first-ever hooded haunt.

Your only guide is a rope you hold on to help make your way through the creepy affair. This is easily one of the most intense and frightening horror experiences ever.

We should warn you that the experience is not for horror newbies. If you’ve never done anything like this, you will want to proceed with caution or find some friends to go with who you trust. You actually need to sign a waiver before you begin.

This year’s Maan Farms haunted experience is a must-see Halloween event for all horror lovers.

Tickets are now on sale, but they’re expected to sell quickly. Click here for more info on how to book, if you dare.

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