Fans accuse CN Tower of hopping off Canadiens Stanley Cup bandwagon

Jun 30 2021, 6:47 pm

Has the CN Tower hopped off the Montreal Canadiens bandwagon?

The tallest building in Canada has been awfully quiet regarding the Stanley Cup Playoffs since lending its support to the Habs on June 8.

The move to light up the iconic Toronto tower in Canadiens colours had Maple Leafs fans rattled, as their historic rival had ousted them from the postseason in the first round.

Following Montreal’s loss in Game 1, the CN Tower appears to have switched allegiances, as it was struck by lightning — caught on camera by David Rhodes below.

On average, the CN Tower gets struck by lightning 75 times per year — but for it to happen after Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final against the Tampa Bay Lightning?

Sure, inanimate objects don’t actually have the ability to cheer for hockey teams, but still.

Fans had a good laugh about it.

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