Liberals promise to cut cell phone bills by "encouraging competition"

Sep 22 2019, 8:43 pm

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau is promising to make the first $15,000 of income-tax-free for most Canadians.

Trudeau was in Brampton, Ont., today to announce the tax cut, which he says would save the average Canadian $292 a year.

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The Liberals say they would do this by raising the basic personal amount by almost $2,000 for people earning under $147,000 a year.

Trudeau is also promising to cut cellphone bills by encouraging competition and working with telecom companies to offer plans with lower prices.

Trudeau made references in his remarks to helping the middle class, which the Liberals had been trying to make a theme of their campaign before it was derailed by Trudeau’s blackface scandal.

The Liberal leader has apologized after images emerged showing he chose to put on black or brownface as part of costume events on multiple occasions before he entered politics.

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