Leaked Canucks jersey shows changes to popular Flying Skate design

Jan 13 2023, 7:28 pm

It’s becoming obvious that the Vancouver Canucks are bringing back the Flying Skate look soon, but it’s likely not the exact jersey you’re thinking of.

We’ve been given multiple clues in the past two weeks that the wildly popular Flying Skate jersey is returning. It began with players wearing Flying Skate equipment at practice on January 2, including black helmets, gloves, and pants. Spencer Martin also showed off brand-new goalie gear, with a retro 1990s look.

Days later, a plane flew in the sky over Vancouver with a #FreeTheSkate banner. Fans, with #FreeTheSkate signs, have also suspiciously popped up at a pair of recent games.

A #FreeTheSkate billboard was also spotted on Georgia Street.

It appears to be guerrilla marketing from the Canucks, to drive up interest before an official announcement is made.

And now, we have an apparent jersey leak — with a few subtle changes to the vintage uniform.

A never-before-seen edition of the black Canucks Flying Skate jersey has leaked online, spotted on the Shop NHL International site by Lachlan Irvine of CanucksArmy.

Changes to the redesigned jersey include thicker red and yellow stripes, with a small gap in between them — similar to the now discontinued Heritage jersey. The red and yellow trim is gone from the collar.

Another change is removing white trim from the logo, including the white space behind the word “Canucks,” as well as white lines surrounding the skate.

miller hughes canucks

A look at the black Flying Skate jerseys the Canucks wore last season (Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports)

Seattle-based hockey logo and jersey website Icethetics says it expects the Canucks to unveil a new third jersey. Consistent with the leaked jersey, Icethetics says that it likely won’t be the same exact Flying Skate jersey that has been used in recent years.


Stay tuned for an official announcement.

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