8 cheesy facts about Kraft Dinner you probably didn't know

Feb 16 2022, 9:15 pm

The Barenaked Ladies said it best: “If I had a million dollars, we wouldn’t have to eat Kraft Dinner. But we would eat Kraft Dinner, of course, we would, we’d just eat more.”

Kraft Dinner is a Canadian classic.

And we’re not talkin’ Macaroni & Cheese as our American neighbours have ā€” we mean classic KD, the good stuff.

Kraft Dinner has deep roots in Canada. A representative for Kraft Canada tells Daily Hive that the patent for a packaged and processed cheese product was invented by Ontario native James Lewis Kraft in 1916.

Kraft Dinner was first introduced to American and Canadian markets in 1937 and the rest is history. Cheesy, tasty history.

Speaking of history, here are some facts about KD that you might not have known. Try mixing these cool factoids into your next scrumptious bowl of Kraft Dinner.

Canada buys over 1.7 million boxes per week


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According to Heinz-Kraft, seven million boxes of Kraft Dinner (or Macaroni & Cheese) are sold every week globally. Of those, 1.7 million are sold right here in Canada.

That means Canadians make up 24% of Kraft Dinner’s weekly sales.

Every Canadian eats more than three boxes of KD per year

Canada’s consumption of Kraft Dinner is so frequent, it averages out to 3.2 boxes of KD per Canadian every year.

That’s 55% more Kraft Dinner eating than our American neighbours.

There are 22 different variations of KD

While the classic (aka “The Cheesiest”) is the landmark meal, there are 22 different varieties of Kraft Dinner.

Other flavours include white cheddar, bacon, cheddar-broccoli cheese, four cheese, extra creamy, sharp cheddar, cheese and tomato, and alfredo.

The company also released a line of six “flavour boosts,” including cotton candy, jalapeno, poutine, buffalo wings, ghost pepper, and butter chicken.

There are also different pasta options including gluten-free, whole grain, white bean, spiral, and shell-shaped noodles.

Someone once ate a box of KD in 30 seconds

According to recordsetter.com, a teenager from Michigan ate a box of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese in 30.50 seconds in 2017.

There’s a video of it if you’re really curious…

Over 50 million boxes were sold during World War II


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Kraft Mac & Cheese’s popularity grew exponentially during World War II. Two boxes of KD could be purchased for one rationing coupon.

Because of its alluring price and the ability to satisfy people’s dairy cravings for a long time, 50 million boxes were sold in 1943 alone.

The powdered cheese was originally attached with an elastic

Originally, salesmen would go door to door selling the dried pasta and powdered cheese mix attached to a box with a rubber elastic band.

The idea was tweaked before market launch and the cheese packet iconically went INSIDE the box.

Mac ‘n cheese recipes date back to the 18th century

According to the Smithsonian, the earliest known recorded mac ‘n cheese recipe was written down in 1769.

COVID-19 = KD for breakfast


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Kraft Heinz says 56% of parents served the iconic dish more often as breakfast during the pandemic.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

How do you like your Kraft Dinner? Do you add more milk to your pot of KD or more butter? Maybe you’re a hot dog fan? Sound off in the comments below.Ā 

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