Khatsahlano Music Festival took over West 4th Ave on Saturday (PHOTOS)

Jul 10 2017, 5:55 pm

Vancouver came out in full force to celebrate local music, delicious food, and beautiful artwork.

The West 4th Ave Khatsahlano Music Festival took over 10 blocks of West 4th Ave on Saturday, showcasing over 50 different musical performers, local artisans, and street performers.

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The sun was shining, the food trucks were cooking, and—naturally—pictures were taken.

Here’s a look into the party through some of the best photos of the day.

How could you, indeed

Vancouver street choir as the sun goes down. How could we live anywhere else? Xx 🌊

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A+ colour coordination

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That’ll hold up traffic

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What a crowd

Seen in Vancouver 👀

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After years of seeing this branding online… I came across their food truck. Design + Food = Win #brand #pizza #foodtruck

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Perfect snack for a hot day

•Khatsahlano Street Party 2017 • Graham cracker caramel sundae with nilla wafers 🍦

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Loving the hair

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Even the pups had a good time!

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No cars getting through today

Backyard boogie

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Q: What’s better than #icecream and #donuts? A: Icecream IN doughnuts #khats

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Impromptu “picnics” are the best picnics

This dog had a mohawk. #punkdog

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Joe “Shithead” Keithley of legendary punk band D.O.A. played a killer set at Khatsahlano Street Party.

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Transportation? Check. Festival seat? Also check.

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Food trucks as far as the eye can see

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A big day for such a little pup

Me and my #bae.

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Sumo… foods?

Caption game on point

That is one ballin’ swan.

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So. Much. Great. Food.

Delish 🌽

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Banksy visited Vancouver?

A beautiful day in a beautiful city

Summer days @khatsahlano ✌🏼

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