KFC just launched a limited-edition collaboration with Lay's chips across Canada

Oct 7 2019, 5:09 pm

Hey Canada, if the cold weather across the country is starting to get you down, then not to worry — the combo of your crunchy-saltly-crispy-fried dreams is here to cheer you up.

American fast-food chain KFC has teamed up with another not-safe-f0r-diets brand, Lay’s, to create a seriously epic offering.

Behold — the KFC x Lay’s Bar-B-Q Tenders.

Made with KFC’s signature Canadian farm-raised chicken tenders coated in Lay’s sweet and smoky Bar-B-Q potato chips, you can get this treat starting today for a limited time across the country.

You can only get this flavour-packed offering until November 10, so be sure to head into your nearest location and see if it rivals the brand’s previous wild concoctions like the Waffle Double Down.

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