Kerrisdale Cameras thanks community for support after anti-masker harassment

Feb 20 2021, 1:46 am

A local Vancouver camera store is thanking everyone for their words of support and encouragement after it endured harassment from anti-maskers this week and last week.

On February 9 a man who refused to put on a mask came into Kerrisdale Cameras and berated employees on Instagram live for refusing him service.


After that, the camera store received angry social media comments, emails, phone calls, and fake online reviews from other anti-maskers.

“We felt a bit helpless and worried if this would escalate further. We still do,” the store said in a statement posted to Facebook.

But messages of support also came in, which gave the business owners and employees hope.

“Thanks to you we are encouraged as we continue to follow government health orders and WorkSafeBC regulations and do our part to take care of our community,” the store said.

The anti-masker who came in the store apparently made it clear he did not have a medical exemption and instead refused to wear a mask because he didn’t want to.

The store clarified it does accommodate customers who have a legitimate medical exemption and cannot wear a mask.

“It’s not easy for small business right now because of COVID-19. Dealing with anti-maskers puts additional strain on many of us,” the shop said. “So please, shop local.”

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