"Is this for real?": Kennedy Stewart book announcement receives harsh negative reaction

Jan 17 2023, 6:03 pm

It has been a busy week for former Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart, which included the announcement of a new job and a brand new book, but the reaction to the book has been quite negative.

The book is called Decrim: How We Decriminalized Drugs in British Columbia.

The subtitle reads, “Decriminalization marks a fundamental rethinking of drug policy that favours healthcare over handcuffs.”

The book is about Stewart’s time in power between 2018 and 2022. According to the publisher’s website, the book “recounts historic progress in addressing this crisis.”

“Kennedy Stewart has written Decrim to tell the story of how this remarkable policy change came about and the enormous challenges faced by those who fought for it—including its contribution to him losing his bid for mayoral re-election.”

Stewart tweeted his book announcement on Monday, January 16. As of Tuesday morning, the tweet has garnered nearly 60,000 views, 15 likes, 44 retweets, and 60 comments.

The replies to the tweet ranged from simple reactions like “gross” to harsher condemnations like one response that read, “this is 100% shameful.”

Steve Saretsky, a local realtor and investor, tweeted, “Is this for real?”

One person responded with several middle finger emojis.

One of the main concerns from critics is the idea that the former mayor’s book is profiting from an ongoing toxic drug emergency in the province.

Others are pointing out that things didn’t necessarily get dramatically better while Stewart was in power as Vancouver’s mayor.

The disgraced former Mayor of Vancouver is publishing a book on how he helped create a city riddled with drugs and where 40 people are responsible for 6,300 crimes in 2021 alone. All this after he was absolutely demolished by the voters for promoting these insane ideas,” tweeted free speech advocate Angelo Isidorou. 

A couple of Twitter users pointed out that all sides of the political spectrum have been equally critical of the book.

Stewart’s book comes out sometime this year.

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