Daily Hive goes back to its roots with mural from Heiltsuk artist KC Hall

Aug 11 2021, 9:41 pm

Our business was forever changed by COVID. 

When the world stopped, so too did our business. Days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months. Things looked bleak.

Little by little, however, with the support of our amazing team, some incredible long-term partners, and our government’s employer and journalism measures, things started to turn around.

But, in the middle of the haze, one thing did become incredibly clear – Daily Hive needed to embrace the darkness brought by COVID, hit reset, and reaffirm its focus as a community-first organization.

Which is a path, I’m proud to say, we are now far along on – in our current cross-Canada hiring spree, the addition of new heads of Editorial and Community, and the many local causes our team jumped in head-first to support during COVID. From raising over $157,000 in under 48 hours to save the Marine Mammal Rescue Centre, to contributing over $1 million in advertising inventory to small businesses.

All that’s to say, we have survived a lot to be here today – and people should expect to see a lot more from Daily Hive in 2021 and beyond!

With so much transformation over just this past year, we felt we needed an ever-present reminder of the struggle and also celebration of our survival and refocus. Something that also spoke to the many evolutions as a brand, from friends blogging in a basement deep in East Vancouver, to the eponymous Vancity Buzz, to the many faces now at Daily Hive across this great country, today.

And, what better way to say and do all of that than by commissioning a local artist.

As anyone who has been to our head office in Vancouver knows, Daily Hive is a proud supporter of local artists. And, so when, in December last year, I stumbled across a mural depicting the Northwest Coast story of a raven – a story of bringing light to the darkness – I knew I had to talk to the artist, KC Hall.

Descended from noted artist Chief Robert Bell, of the Heiltsuk Nation, and a trained Northwest Coast Formline artist – and a fellow East Vancouverite – KC merges the traditional with the modern abstract and graffiti art that he grew up around, to create something truly unique.

KC Hall

KC Hall

An aesthetic that is all KC’s. And one that is truly stunning.

“In my career I’ve done countless designs, canvases and, recently, I’ve gone back into painting murals for the City of Vancouver,” said KC Hall.

“And all of this led to this commission for Daily Hive. It was really awesome to hear how much the team had followed my career, and throw ideas on the piece back and forth with Karm.”

“I use a raven in everything I do. It’s my family crest. But it is also an expression of my true being — I am a raven. I transform and take many shapes. I’m a graffiti artist and a formline artist. I am the carrier of light and bright colours. My art is my and my family’s story and it’s still being written.”

KC Hall

KC Hall

Just as the raven reflects KC’s journey, this mural interweaves KC’s and Daily Hive’s journeys. 

The whole idea of this piece was to talk about transformation. From a kid in East Van delivering Supreme Pizzas, to a few friends in a basement off of Fraser St, to the scrappy Vancity Buzz, to the Daily Hive name people know today.

“I had a lot of fun with this piece,” says KC Hall. “And it’s awesome to know that it’ll hang for its life in the Daily Hive office.”

And, today, I’m proud to introduce you to the newest piece in the Daily Hive office. 

KC Hall

KC Hall

We’re honoured to have a piece from such a talented artist, and, as our office exists on unceded land, a piece of First Nations art in our office.

For more of his amazing work, I encourage you to follow KC and his clothing brand, The HstryMkrs on Instagram. You can also check out his website. Or, catch him at some Van Mural Fest events this summer.

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