This Canadian success story is fueling small businesses across the globe

Nov 28 2019, 3:16 pm

Edmonton is currently growing at a faster rate than Calgary — in fact, it’s growing faster than anywhere else in Canada.

So it’s no surprise that 18 Edmonton-based companies made it onto the Growth 500 Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies list for 2019.

The city’s job sector has gone through a reinvigoration in recent years, and one company, in particular, is fueling the success of many small businesses: Jobber. It emerged as the fastest-growing company in Edmonton and seventh-fastest growing company in the country, according to the Growth 500.

Jobber launched in 2011, and since then, businesses using the all-in-one platform have serviced more than 10 million people in over 43 countries.

Home service businesses including painters, plumbers, HVAC technicians, lawn care professionals, and more use the platform to organize their operations, improve their customer service, and accelerate their growth. Jobber allows them to schedule one-off or recurring jobs and automates everything from their estimates to invoices, payments, scheduling crews, optimizing travel time, and even marketing — from any location. The platform also integrates with solutions such as Mailchimp, Zapier, and more than 1,500 web apps.

Customer using the Jobber mobile app in the field/Jobber

Wondering what the secret to Jobber’s success is? Well, the co-founders of the company, CEO Sam Pillar and CTO Forrest Zeisler, started by solving problems that deliver the most value for customers. From day one, their goal has been to help small businesses be successful.

“Our channel mix is never stale. We’re constantly experimenting with new channels, finding interesting ways to bring the value of Jobber to customers in our potential market,” explains Nick Keyko, director of marketing at Jobber. He notes that some of the company’s best channels actually started out as experiments.

Employees playing a game of ping pong/Jobber

When it comes to customer acquisition, Jobber has found strong success and results with Google Ads. It’s become a key part of their strategy.

“Our platform supports multiple verticals within the home services sector and Google Ads has allowed us to target these different customers and provide a personalized experience from the point of first awareness, through to activation, and onboarding into the Jobber product,” says Keyko.

Jobber’s digital strategy with Google Ads has also played a role in helping Jobber get exposure outside of North America and across the world. Keyko says users in other countries share the same pain points of their customers in Canada and the US, so the company’s core messaging doesn’t have to be changed.

“Tools like the Keyword Planner have helped us uncover new search terms unique to certain regions, which has allowed us to localize the ad strategy and improve our conversion metrics outside of North America.”

Most recently, Jobber engaged the analytics-focused digital marketing agency, Jarrah Growth Marketing, and this has allowed them to become more precise in their digital marketing efforts, and remarketing approach.

Employees meeting in the kitchen/Jobber

Jobber believes in supporting small businesses because they are the driving force of the economy.

“In order to compete against corporations, small businesses need to have access to technology. Software such as Jobber helps them to improve their efficiency and profitability, allowing them to focus on growth,” says Shawn Cadeau, chief revenue officer at Jobber. The platform ultimately saves users time on employee and client management, as well as operations, which leaves them with more time to grow their businesses.

Employees working/Jobber

In the last two years, Jobber has experienced an excess of 300% revenue growth. In one year, the team has expanded by 70% with nearly 200 employees across their Edmonton and Toronto offices.

Earlier this year, the Toronto team moved into a larger, newly renovated space in the Entertainment District.

And anticipated future growth means Jobber will need even more space to thrive. That’s why the company’s headquarters in Edmonton is moving from its existing 12,000 sq. ft. space to a 30,000 sq. ft. office in 2020. The new office, located in the 103 Street Centre building, occupies three floors for the company’s teams.

Company outing to bowling/Jobber

If you’re looking for a way to successfully grow your small home service business, visit Jobber now and start a free trial of the company’s award-winning platform. You can thank us later!

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