History-making Canadian "Jeopardy!" champ delightfully tweets episode recaps (VIDEO)

Apr 14 2022, 3:36 pm

Mattea Roach has done it again.

The Halifax-born Toronto resident won her seventh game of Jeopardy!

Claiming $20,401 on Wednesday night. The seven-day winning streak has given her a total of $168,401.

If you’ve ever wondered what goes on in the Jeopardy! champion’s head during the show, look no further than her Twitter account @mattearoach.

“Lesbian, Nova Scotian, 7x Jeopardy champ,” her bio reads, already updated to reflect last night’s winnings.

Since her first win on April 5, the Toronto-based tutor has been tweeting “episode thoughts” detailing her thought process behind certain answers and wagers, and it’s fascinating, to say the least.

For her two-day streak win, Roach explained why she crossed out her initial answer Liechtenstein for the final Jeopardy! question on small countries.

“I had reason to be trepidatious, since I did write down almost the entire word ‘Liechtenstein’ before asking myself ‘wait, why would there be French and Italian citizens in Liechtenstein?’ and realizing that I should switch to Monaco. Very glad I did!”

She gave a class in small countries just in one tweet!

For her sixth win, Roach revealed that she made Canadian history.

“My sixth win apparently makes me the FIRST Canadian to win more than five games during regular season play…wish Alex Trebek were here to see it, but I know he’d be proud,” she tweeted.

She also explained why she wagered $5,400 on the final Jeopardy! on geographical terms.

“I decided to wager $5400 to leave me with an even $20k if I were to miss — I generally like geography categories as long as they’re political/social geography, but the wording of this FJ category made me concerned that we could be dealing with physical geography,” explained Roach.

Seventh heaven!

The proud Nova Scotian has yet to tweet her “episode thoughts” on her successful seventh win, but here’s a quick recap.

This round’s final Jeopardy! tested players’ history knowledge with this clue: “Intimately familiar with World War I, Churchill considered this war from sone 150 years before the ‘first world war.'”

“Mattea Roach, you are in the lead with $20,400 without finding a single daily double, which says something about your play,” co-host Ken Jennings remarked.

Contestant Adam Wallick could’ve tied — if only he got the right answer.

Sitting at $10,200, Wallick wagered $10,300 but answered incorrectly with “What is the French and Indian war?”

Of course, Roach answered correctly with “What is the Seven Years’ War?” Her wager was modest and calculated at $1.

The trivia queen gets to defend her title and push for an eight-day winning streak during Thursday’s show at 7:30 pm EST.

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