Jack White starts 'grassroots campaign' to bring back Canucks Flying V jersey

Aug 14 2018, 6:58 am

He’s known for his involvement with the White Stripes, but it appears Jack White has an affinity for yellow and orange stripes, too.

When the Vancouver Canucks asked fans to pick which retro jersey they should wear during their 50th anniversary season, there was a clearcut favourite.

The 1990s Skate jersey won, garnering 70% of the 23,613 votes, beating out the Flying V (20%) and the Original Orca (10%).

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One member of the 20% was White, who surprisingly entered the debate during his Sunday night concert at Rogers Arena.

jack white canucks flying V

Image: Jack White

His microphone was a bit muffled, but those in attendance at the phone-free show said White told the crowd he wanted the Canucks to bring back the Flying V jersey. He even got fans to raise their arms in the shape of a V.

White’s official Instagram account even posted a photo of the Flying V jersey, in all its glory:

“Jack White started a grassroots campaign to bring back the Vancouver Canucks “V” jersey,” the accompanying caption said.

Born in Detroit, to the best of our knowledge, White isn’t a Canucks fan. He was eight years old when the Canucks ditched the Flying V in 1984 too, so his interest in this topic is a head-scratcher.

Unfortunately for White, the Canucks don’t currently have plans to bring back arguably the ugliest jersey in pro sports history – though it would be fun to see them again as a one-off.

Though if you ask me, if they’re going to go ugly, they might as well go all-the-way ugly and choose the yellow version instead.

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