Intoxicated man threatens dog, spits on VPD officer during arrest

Jun 29 2020, 2:08 pm

An intoxicated man who allegedly called a dog ugly and threatened to shoot it before passing out on the sidewalk was arrested after spitting on a police officer in Vancouver over the weekend.

According to VPD Sgt. Aaron Roed, police responded to the daytime incident after receiving reports of the man causing a disturbance in front of a residence in the area of Ash Street and West 5th Avenue.

Roed told Daily Hive the man was arrested for intoxication in a public place and was about to be loaded into a police van for transport.

However, as he was being loaded into the van, the man “spit twice on a VPD officer wearing a full uniform,” said Roed.

The man was arrested for assault and taken to jail.

In a tweet, VPD Deputy Chief Howard Chow said that prior to the arrest, the man had yelled a passerby, called a dog ugly, and threatened to put a bullet in the dog’s head. He then passed out “on the sidewalk with his pants half down.”

The VPD officer involved in the incident was able to return to the police department and decontaminate from being spat on, said Roed.

“The officer is doing well and is healthy at this time,” he added.

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